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The Imperial Media Group is a New York City based media agency that specializes in lifestyle, fashion and non-for-profit. We are designed to build brands through Public Relations, Brand Development and Buzz Creation offering additional services in Marketing and Event Planning. We assure that each client, venture and project associated with IMG has an overall goal of building a legacy bigger than themselves. We assure that every clients brand is strategically aligned with their core values and mission. In order to curate an empire one must build a foundation with the key elements of PR, Branding & Marketing. Once this foundation is established you’ll then be able to create an IMPERIAL brand. The Imperial Media Group also has a satellite office located in Toronto, Canada. To find out how IMG can deliver results for you, contact us:
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For sale. Email for prices. #lavanwright

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#lavanwright #phonecase available now, the link is in my bio.



these tracks were made this past summer,all moments in the summer i have had with moments with my girlfriend, moments reflecting on my childhood, moments with my female friends on having selflove for themselves and motivating my peers as well. hope this touches you for those who will hear it. peace & love.

CLIENT NEWS: Anthony Flammia (@flamm) performed at the Inwood House for battered & bruised young
women. The night consisted of a soulful private performance for the young
ladies of Inwood following with ample time for pictures and questions! #anthonyflammia #mykindoflove #flamm #charity #givingback #upsanddowns

Off to the convention center! Viva Las Vegas! #WWDMagic #Vegas #PR

Our founder Mercedes spoke virtually at the #PCMS conference today at her alma mata @BloomU! “All Things Entrepreneurial” link for viewing will be posted on ! (Taken with Instagram)